Oamenii ca tine, mor tineri

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MasticadoresRumanía Editora: Manuela Timofte

de Bogdan Dragoș

– Oamenii ca tine mor tineri, îmi zise ea.
Tu nu bei peste măsură, nu 
te droghezi, mănânci destul
de sănătos,
rar ieși în oraș, rar întâlnești
fete noi.
Dar continui să scrii, băiete.
Continui să scrii
și asta-i suficient ca să le-ntreacă
pe toate cele de mai sus.
O să vezi tu...

Imagine de Gabriele M. Reinhardt de la Pixabay

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Pisica din papuc

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MasticadoresRumanía Editora: Manuela Timofte

de Bogdan Dragoș

Camera era rece
și flori gri de mucegai 
înfloreau pe pereți.
Și-a dat jos papucii
și aceștia fiind cele mai calde
lucruri din cameră
puiul de pisică
se adăposti într-unul din ei.

El stătu pe o saltea în colț
și mângâie pisica
din papuc.
Deodată, zâmbi și zise,
– Eh, măcar n-am datorii.

Până și Dumnezeu
a fost de acord cu el. I-a făcut
cu ochiul
prin gaura din tavan.

Imagine de Adina Voicu de la Pixabay

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Poem postat inițial pe https://gobblersmasticadores.wordpress.com/

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Bogdan Dragos has renewed with Masticadores

(づ ◕‿◕ )づ BIG THANK YOU to Masticadores!! 

Gobblers & Masticadores

Masticadores&Gobblers is pleased to announce that Bogdan Dragos has renewed with us; It is the fourth time and series that we will publish it. We have already sent by the author 50 pages that we will gladly present to everyone week by week.

We will say that Bogdan is very followed and the visits and readings of him are very high, with which sometimes an edition of a book of poems is not as read as his publications in Masticadores (and in MasticadoresIndia too)

Thank you Bogdan!


j re crivello

Founder and Director of Masticadores (16 blogs, in 10 countries and 5 languages) https://masticadores.com

Masticadores&Gobblers tiene el placer de anunciar que Bogdan Dragos ha renovado con nosotros; es la cuarta vez y serie que le publicaremos. Tenemos ya enviados por el autor 50 páginas que con gusto presentaremos a todos semana a semana.

Diremos que Bogdan…

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Bogdan Dragos -Third Time

Gobblers & Masticadores

This morning he sent his third part (third time) of poems that we will publish every Wednesday. I personally thank the author who has many followers who value his written work.

j re crivello founder of Masticadores (*)

life’ll smile father punched him lightly in the shoulder and said, "Hey, keep that chin up, buddy. Just know that a time will come when life'll smile at us." Sure, he'd been saying that since forever. That was the earliest and most common memory of him Grinning from ear to ear and saying that a day will come when life'll smile upon them But until that day they'll have to sit in the town square and play their cheap instruments for passersby to drop money in their box Keep that chin up… Oh, father. You can't play the violin holding your chin up And life won't smile if you keep playing it…

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around the smokey hole

You can still be good
at what you do
without liking
what you do

It’s more common than
you’d imagine

The words reflected his face
in the steamy bathroom mirror

He watched
until he felt cold in his
and shivered

reached for the towel
got out of the bathroom
put on clothes
and returned to his writing

The blank page was ugly

unlike the somewhat encouraging
words on the steamy mirror

He reached into the drawer
pulled out the pen
stuck it into his mouth
clicked it

Reached again into the drawer
pulled out the gun
pointed it at the blank page

He wrote for the remainder of
the day and the next
night around the smokey hole

It was finally

thick glass

three weeks
and the shards were still there
still scattered on the tiles
of the kitchen floor

that was a thick glass
meant for classy strong drinks
like whiskey

Yeah, now that he thought about it
it was whiskey she
ordered. But he filled
the glass with milk and said,
“You know what the doctor said, mother.
No more alcohol for you. Here, try
this instead.”

And he would strongly
prefer not to remember what followed

The shards were still
on the kitchen floor

and the gash still on the side of
his neck. Stitched now
but painful nonetheless

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