This Species has to be Killed in its Infancy by Bogdan Dragos

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A sheaf of white aged papers in a burst of flames
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the kid

handed him a piece of

paper and asked,

“Can we put this one

on the fridge?”

It wasn’t a drawing

“What’s this?” he asked

There were words

written on it

I am getting in my car

and I’m driving very far

Following the star

of my dreams

It seems

my destiny awaits

as all good things in small crates

So I’m ready to unpack

hoping it’s not something wack

I want the best of the best

The sun on the sky

I’ll be a writer with a vision

in my eye

“A poem?”

“Yes, a poem,” said the kid. “Can

we put it on the fridge

along with the drawings?”

The father stared at it

for a long time

Finally, he crumpled the

paper and said, “Let’s not

do that.”

“But… why not?”

Dad looked very troubled,

trying to squeeze

an answer

and getting only…

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Words are for foolish humans by Bogdan Dragos

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“I wish I could write my feelings on the wings of a blue butterfly,” she said. “And then follow it around the room with a burning candle or a lighter until I burn it to a crumpling crisp. I would write about you on those wings, of course. I would go to sleep dressed in funeral attire, hiding your solar plexus between my legs, your skull between my breasts, my tongue circling around and around over and over again inside your orbits. I would decorate your skeletal mouth with rose petals and stick thorns between your teeth. And how many vertebrae do you think I can swallow without choking? D’you think that with training, in time, I could deep throat your whole spine?” His lips parted for a reply but she quickly sealed them back with a finger dipped in her body juices “Shh, don’t answer me with words, darling…

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It’ll never be the real thing, of course. Yet in some ways it’s even better than the real thing

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Gobblers & Masticadores

By Bogdan Dragos

she didn't hide it No, she held it in full display in her living room It was a baby's head floating in a jar "I wish I could just unseal it and open the eyes," she said. "It would really look infinitely more beautiful if it had its eyes open. Maybe I could snip off the eyelids. But I'm afraid I won't be able to seal the jar back. This small wonder has been taken from a research lab. The baby was born dead so the mother, not a Christian one I take it, had donated its body for science. I too lost a baby, only mine died before exiting the womb. And I had this nerdy boyfriend at the time. He worked in the research lab and stole this for me. This is what true love is like. I tried again and again to get pregnant…

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a matter of days for both by Bogdan Dragos

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this was needed

One more
strong coffee

one more

and then he
would go to

it was
almost morning

he would sleep
during the day
return the next
to write
more poems

His lower back
was hurting
It was either the
kidney stones
the hemorrhoids
or both
or something entirely

it was all right
A writer writes
and a sick man
and they are quite
the same

At 44
his wife was 22
years younger than him

She would still
make him coffee
and cook his meals
and even read his poems

The ones that weren’t
about torturing
and murdering women and
even got published online

About eleven
of them

He was on
the right path

Success will reach him
earlier than
death will

It was a matter of
days for

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Ouija board by Bogdan Dragos

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Well, when you’re desperate you’re… “Me,” he said He was alone in the room and lonely enough to have bought one of those Ouija boards from some old woman who called herself a medium It was time to try it out All he hoped for was a sexy ghost that would haunt him, maybe hurt him a bit, he wouldn’t mind Anything just to take away the soul-crushing loneliness Anything! He said the prayers exactly as the medium instructed and did the breathing exercises and was ready to use the board he moved the piece to spell HELLO got no answer Looked around the room Nothing Again, he spelled HELLO. IS ANYONE HERE? ANYONE AT ALL? ARE YOU FEMALE? Nothing Nothing new at least. Only more loneliness and more frustration and lower down the rabbit hole of misfits he slipped WELL FUCK YOU! he spelled and jammed the pointy side…

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raccoon by Bogdan Dragos

Gobblers & Masticadores

always cold in the north

perhaps coming here
was a
mistake after all
It's not so much the weather as
it is the ever gray sky

It favors depression

Lack of sunlight
lack of vitamin D

He walked his dog around the
and counted zero smiles
out of sixty-three faces seen
and passed by

The block was no fun
so he followed the dog into the
back alleys. It
picked up on

and the smell grew potent enough
that even he
was beginning to feel it

Not pleasant

He expected a dumpster

But found two dumpsters
and a homeless
old man huddled between
Ragged to threads
holding a dead raccoon on his lap
eating from its flesh

and bloody

Aw shit, he whispered.
Maybe this place
ain't so bad
after all

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