Pe din afara oricărui grup

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MasticadoresRumanía Editora: Manuela Timofte

de Bogdan Dragoș

vecinul de deasupra 
susține că 
Dumnezeu îi lipește 
notițe pe 
frigider în timpul nopții

L-am întrebat 
ce scria pe ele,
însă el îmi răspunse că trebuie
să-l urmez la biserică
dacă vreau să aflu

În general nu sunt
un tip curios
așa c-am refuzat. Și ce să vezi, 
câteva zile mai 
tărziu văd o grămadă de oameni
urmându-l pe vecinu’ 
la biserică

Se uitară cu toții în
cealaltă parte când
am trecut pe lângă ei 
și-am salutat

Adevărul e că nici nu mă-ndoiesc
că Dumnezeu
i-a vorbit vecinului prin
notițe și a dat astfel speranță 
multor oameni

Doar că, 
pur și simplu, 
îmi place mie să fiu
pe din afara oricărui grup
mai mult decât îmi place s-am 


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Thank you Bogdan Dragos!

Gobblers & Masticadores

I work with over 200 writers in 5 languages, but Bogdan makes everything so easy. Their sixth 100-page collaboration has arrived today. As always, we renew our agreement and in this case I want to value your support for Masticadores and thank you personally.

j re crivello

Founder and director of Masticadores

MasticadoresIndia, MasticadoresUsa and Gobblers, according to our statistics, they will exceed 100,000 visits in 2023. Thank you all!

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the difference between a writer and a loser by Bogdan Dragos

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"Look," she said, "I no longer want smart men around me. I had enough of that species. They can all drop down and die. The last fucker who was smart was this student who made me fall a bit too in love with him and then put his career over me. Suddenly all the things I did for him mattered no more." "Oh, well," he said, "me, I'm not smart." "Nice try," she said. "but you already told me you're a writer. You write poems an' stuff." "That don't make one smart," he said. "Writers aren't scientists, you know? They're more like thugs, criminals. It's all about having a natural talent with lies, telling stories. I haven't even gone to college." "What?" she said, "Even I went to college." "Well," he said, "I didn't." "Hmm, say, you wouldn't just say that to get in my pants, would you? I feel…

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Muses aren’t only for Writing by Bogdan Dragos

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Chewers & Masticadores // Editora: Nolcha Fox

A spectacled man sitting at a typewriter and staring at a gray cloud above his head that is raining down letters
Image Source: Canva Pro

“Muses,” he said, “aren’t only

for writing

and painting, and stuff

like that.

That’s just what the

world likes

to believe.

But me, I use my muse

as inspiration

for pranks. This is my art.”

A few days ago

he dressed in

ragged clothes

and got his face dirty with


and went around a

bus station

begging people for

spare change

He didn’t get any,

but that

wasn’t the point

The point was to be seen

by as many people

as possible

as he cried

and stated loudly that he’s

so hungry

he could eat anything

People did their best

to ignore him


they saw him walk by the

trashcan near the station

and reaching for

something inside

His hand came out

with a

used diaper. It looked full

and yes, he proceeded to

unwrap it and

lick and slurp its contents

as the…

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writer brain taking over by Bogdan Dragos

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Gobblers & Masticadores

A man's whole life revolves around his work that's what we've been raised to believe, haven't we? What right under the heavens have you, a man, to demand acceptance, love, gratification, without giving something in return? From the very days of creation you have been told: “By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return.” Put in the work, man. Put in the work. There's no way around. There just isn't. The words were carved deep with a hunting knife on the top of his desk, and whenever he'd fling and hurl the papers and pens away he'd see and read them and then cover them back with papers and pens Being a writer is just as hard as any other job but you can make…

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It helps release stress hormones by Bogdan Dragos

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different creatures will have different ways to cope with grief and stress There was a movie once in which a group of explorers got captured and imprisoned by a tribe of cannibals who were taking them out of the cage, killing and eating them one by one. And there's this scene where one of the prisoners pulls his dick out and starts rubbing it vigorously as the others watch with unspeakable indignation The explanation was simple. It helps release stress hormones Well, if it worked in a situation like that, he thought, then surely it will work as he does it in his room He's not surrounded by cannibals about to kill and eat him No, on the other side of the door is just a crying mother holding an eviction note in her trembling hands, reading it aloud to him through sobs, begging him to understand that it is…

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BUTUNG IS LAYP | Coconut is Life

afternoon coffee with Bogdan
2022 | © tea solon
Mandaue City

Taking a short break from doing translation work and now devouring Bogdan‘s 2020 poetry collection PourWhiskey Over My Heart And Set It On Firewhich carries with it the signature images that scandalizes, tears, and undo me every time. I love how Bogdan’s poetry disturbs the psyche and annihilates moral boundaries that sometimes Boccaccio’s The Decameron comes to mind and marries every heinous psychological thriller film there is. Great afternoon read!

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Poetry and Prose of Ken Hume

5. Where did you get the idea for your Daydreaming as a Profession blog site? Was it something you’ve always wanted to do? And how long has it been in existence?
Daydreaming is and was always my favorite activity. And the one I’m really good at (because it happens effortlessly). I’ve been doing it all my life, but never thought I could create something tangible from it.
Now pretty much every poem is the result of daydreaming.
Growing up, I’ve often been told that I daydream too much. The Romanian expressions for daydreaming sound something along the lines of, “to dream with one’s eyes open,” and my personal favorite, “to dream of green horses on the walls”.
Goodness, I can’t recall how many times I’ve heard that in my life. If someone could show me snapshots of my life, 85% of them would probably be of me holding a fixed…

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Poetry and Prose of Ken Hume

Welcome folks to the latest edition of my Brilliant Blogger Poet initiative which this week features what promises to be an intriguing and insightful interview with the daring & provocative Mr. Bogdan Dragos. He works in a casino by night dreaming of being a writer of renown, where I imagine he meets all sorts of interesting & strange people. Thank you Bogdan for agreeing to participate in this initiative.

1. First of all I’d like to ask you have you always been drawn to expressing yourself through the written word and telling stories?

Oh, absolutely not!
I hated reading and writing as a child and as a teenager. I hated school and everything that resembled or reminded me of it. One time I got into a fight with a friend at the end of summer vacation because he wouldn’t stop talking about how eager he was for school to begin…

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whatever you seek you will not find by Bogdan Dragos

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Gobblers & Masticadores

the more you struggle to attain happiness the heavier depression becomes but somewhere along the way you have to realize why you want to be happy What's the reason? If it's just because happiness feels good and the other thing doesn't then it's not enough the very search for happiness occurs because the mind thinks it's smarter than the heart. It thinks that it knows better what happiness is what a fool pathetic the mind doesn't know shit it's just a bully who coerces every other part of the being to agree with its twisted ideas And the heart, not being able to fight back because fighting involves hating an opponent, just surrenders, lets the mind have its way Do not seek to get rid of depression seek to be okay with having it Side with the heart, not with the mind The heart loves and accepts and you can't…

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