sometimes I think I’m just too good for you

He jumped off the building and
the metallic wings carried
him high
towards the clouds
where others like him swam in absolute

but then something
hit his head
he woke up

turned around in bed
and realized there
was blood trickling from
his eyebrow

The girl besides him was
holding a
stapler in her hands
and her eyes were watching
him with hate

"What the fuck!?" he shouted

"Keep it down," she said. "Ah, you've
got some nerve to
play victim here, boy."


"Oh, I tell you what. I was talking to
you and for a reply
you turned your back
to me and closed your eyes and
fell asleep. Like, what the fuck? So
I figured if you
can't keep your eyelids away
from your eyes I'll give
you a hand. Ah, sometimes I think I'm just
too good for you, boy."

He put his head on
the pillow and breathed heavily
"Yeah," he said. "Me too."

15 thoughts on “sometimes I think I’m just too good for you

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  1. “You know what? You are too good for me! You had best just go and leave me alone.”

    Or something like that – whatever gets her out of the house.

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