sidewalk by Bogdan Dragos

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I am a sidewalk

one upon whom your
feet dragged heavy and
wet and tired

and I wonder where you
are going
and where you're coming

I look up constantly and
am tired of soles and legs and
panties and dropped coins
and litter

and indifference

Too many people, too few dogs
and cats and some rats at night

But you are
different. You wear no shoes and
your little feet are cold and
so delicate
and in your wake you are painting
me with a trail of blood

you are not in the mood to
receive compliments, I know. But
I'll say it anyway. You are beautiful

I hope he never catches you

I wish there was
something I could do
about it 

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30 thoughts on “sidewalk by Bogdan Dragos

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  1. The sidewalk so to speak is always taken for granted.

    Then, someone refreshing comes along who is not so harsh, inconsiderate, and taking the ground that supports them for granted.

    That is just my own personal prospective from what I read.

    It is a lovely anecdote.

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  2. A kind, clever and delicate dream of a way to wander upon… I greatly admire your writing skills Bogdan… deeply moving… tears when I first read it… the way it is imbued with compassion… but it is also very cleverly crafted and with a painter’s eye… I love your tender poems… and on others too, the noir humour makes me smile, or the transcendental experience makes me linger awhile… though I don’t always comment on them… hard to find the words sometimes… thanks for sharing them with us all.

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