This world is… just evil by Bogdan Dragos

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it was around 3 AM no sleep no work in the morning either so she got up turned on the TV tuned it off got her pack of smokes out of the handbag lit one and smoked it as she stared at the fish tank from up close. "This is how I used to watch TV while growing up," she said to the only moving fish in the tank. "The screen didn't mess up my vision. But the things shown on it did. I've a very bleak vision of the world now." She blew the smoke against the glass The one fish that still moved around was too busy eating from the flesh of its deceased friends to notice her "You look pretty happy," she said. "Say, have you ever regretted talking someone out of suicide? Um? Well, I had. I, uh, was seeing this guy whose little daughter died…

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